Our Story

It all started with a purpose - solutions for pet wellness.

It's ironic that...

I never really wanted a pet. I just wasn’t ready to take on the responsibility. As a young, newly married couple, I had pictured us being carefree, traveling, and out on the town. The reality...we came home every night after work to an empty apartment, ate dinner, watched TV, and went to bed.

When my wife, Jen, made me go to an event at a pet store, that’s when I met Ellie Rae. She was a tiny Boston Terrier with an enormous head and big ears. It was love at first sight. That’s right, she became my dog; our first baby. Our life changed with Ellie. Dinners downtown or weekend trips were planned around “dog-friendly” places. 

How Nootie Began...

As new pet parents, a friend gave us some pet shampoo to try. It worked amazingly well, but it didn’t smell great and was only available through veterinarians. A light bulb went off. Shouldn’t people be able to buy their own everyday dermatology products for pets with fragrances people love and buy for themselves?

We met with the formulator to make the same quality products found at the vet with popular fragrances, and that is how our grooming products line, Nootie, began. From there, we continued to grow our products with one simple goal in mind: make products that help pets thrive.

Nootie Today

Since 2009 we’ve come a long way, adding soft chew supplements, dental care, and medicated dermatology products. Nootie products are now sold globally in over 5,000 pets stores and veterinarian clinics. One thing has never changed- our passion to develop products for your pet (and ours) to help them feel, smell, and look their very best.

We wish you and your pets health & happiness,

Lonnie & Jennifer Schwimmer