Nootie began in 2008, providing wellness solutions, grooming products and supplements.
Lonnie & Jennifer Schwimmer
Our corporate headquarters is located in Delray Beach, Florida.
Nootie’s formulator has 40+ years of professional experience manufacturing veterinarian grade, proprietary products.
We partner with several factories. They are all located in the United States and are registered with the FDA, and all production is performed under the Current Good Manufacturing Practices with the guidance of our Quality Assurance Department.
All of our ingredients are sourced by our manufacturing partners. Their priority is to source ingredients from the USA and Canada. If certain ingredients are not available from these countries, they purchase imported ingredients through U.S. distribution partners that meet all the required standards to be safe.
Non-medicated grooming products can be used after 8 weeks. Medicated after 12 weeks. For supplements, please follow label guidelines.
Please read the ingredients to see if there is something your pet may be allergic to
Dosing information is provided on all Progility supplements. Please follow the dosing instructions on the bottle or check with your veterinarian for the appropriate dosage for your individual pet.
We recommend storing all supplements out of reach of your pet. However, if your pet eats more than the recommended dosage, contact your veterinarian for instructions.
All supplements and medicated products have an expiration date on the packaging. Non-medicated grooming products do not expire.